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One of the most played games in the online casino is undoubtedly online slots. The range of online slots available these days is really huge. Otherwise, you don't have much influence on the game itself, as everything depends on the luck factor.

The aim of the game

The objective in online slots is to get a winning combination of symbols on one or more paylines. When each round is completed and you land on that winning combination, it can earn you a lot of money!

Bonuses in online slots

At online slots, bonuses are always given to new members. Often, such bonuses consist of extra money or free spins that you get when you make your first deposit. Welcome bonuses can amount to as much as hundreds of euros! Great news right! This ensures that you are immediately well on your way to a good career within the online casino in one fell swoop.

Play old slots for free

Playing the latest slots is fun, but gambling on slots you've known for years is of course much more fun. Playing classic slots still remains the best for many gamblers. With the best slots on the internet, we ensure that nostalgic players will also find what they are looking for. Maybe you're looking for classic slots like Wheel of Fortune, Simply Wild, Random Runner or Super Joker.

Online slots tips

Finally, we also have some tips for playing slots.

  • Play for fun, you should play with the expectation that you happen to win something.

  • Forget about progressives, unless you are determined to win a life-changing amount.

  • Don't play with rent money and check reliability and safety with our checklist for safe online gambling.

  • Try video poker! These games are much like slot games, but these offer bigger payout percentages and also a chance to use strategy to improve your odds. (Also check out the blog Poker for Beginners).

  • Don't go too fast. Some slot players make 600 spins an hour or sometimes even more!

  • Play online slots? If you'd like to play online slots, check out one of our favourite casinos soon!

The best welcome bonus

A welcome bonus? Nice one, sign up! Do you let this influence you too? Not at all. That's what bonuses are used for! The bonuses get you motivated to sign up at an online casino and bet your money there. That is exactly what you as a player can benefit from.

A welcome bonus ensures that you are triggered to sign up at a casino. It is really just a kind of welcome gift and can only be used once. You get a welcome bonus the first time you sign up as a player at an gaminator 3 casino and deposit money there. There are different types of bonuses. This allows each website to differentiate itself from the others. The bonuses can really add up!

Most common bonuses

An increase on the first deposit. This means you receive a certain percentage of your deposit. You get free bonus money with every deposit. The deposit bonus is a bit like the welcome bonus, but you can receive this bonus much more often.

Free spins for certain games or game categories are often given when you are new to a casino or when the casino wants to give you the chance to try out a new game. This way, as a player, you don't have to bet your own money, but you can still play. That's nice, right!

Another common bonus is the sign-up bonus. This casino bonus is basically just free play money that you receive after registering at the casino. In most casinos, this bonus is €5 or €10.

Loyalty bonuses are also common. This is a bonus you get when you often deposit money at the same online casino. Do you like playing at the same casino? Then you will receive bonuses more than once!

(Online) gambling is of course only fun when it is reliable and your data and money are handled well. So make sure you read up on safe online gambling and know what to look out for.

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